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State History Chronicles Notebook
Remember the joy you felt when finishing your own notebook for some project? Help your students feel the same satisfaction as they organize with ease their reports, drawings, pictures, etc., into a beautiful treasury of their home state using 2308 State History Chronicles Notebook. Students complete an entire course of state history, but with a very personal touch.

My First Reports
Do you want to combine state history with composition, or make it part of a unit study? 3353 My First Report: My State is a generic report that can be used with any state. Or if you want more indepth help, try a First Report from your area of the United States.

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1996 My First Report: Eastern US
1997 My First Report: Southern US
1998 My First Report: Middle US
1999 My First Report: Western US

More of the First Reports focus on historical topics:
1767 Famous People and 3209 Lewis & Cark Expedition

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