A Bee Sees: Grade-1 Curriculum
Teachers Manual

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Grade Level: 1
Author: Donna Rae Fisher
Publisher: Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Publish Date: 1996, 2006 2nd Edition
Binding: 3-Ring Binder
Dimensions: 11 by 11 1/2 inches
Number of Pages: 620
Item ID: 2319 Q5A  ISBN: 978-1-57896-166-5
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If your child is intrigued by the animal world, A Bee Sees may be just what you're looking for. Did you know that a beaver can close his mouth behind his front teeth? Or that the limbs of a seal are inside his body? Thirty-six lessons based on twenty animal studies contain fascinating facts presented in a fun, yet informative, way. All grade-one scope and sequence requirements are met. The manual contains lessons for Bible/character, math, language, science/health, history/geography, art/music, and physical education. No other curriculum purchases are needed.

A Bee Sees uses a weekly goals-and-supplies list followed by daily lesson plans. It emphasizes hands-on activities as a major part of lessons. Each chapter has a drawing of the animal being studied that can be cut out and used as a sack or stick puppet: a bat, bear, beaver, worm, praying mantis, fox, ladybug, frog, turtle, eagle, bee, ant, camel, ostrich, seal, skunk, salmon, butterfly, robin, and moose.

Each book in the Hewitt Early Readers contain a story about one of the animals being studied. The books begin at a transitional level, so that the early pages may be read by a student who is beginning to put together phonetically accurate, one-syllable words. A few sight words and use of picture/context clues are used, but minimally. (Language skills needed in reading are presented during the language sessions.) After reading the little readers, the student reads ten more similar stories in the A Bee Sees Reader.

The Scott Foresman Addison-Wesley Mathematics 1, a consumable math book with colorful, fun pages to work, comes with the complete program. Answers are fround in this teacher's manual. If you prefer to use another math curriculum, order the A Bee Sees No-Math Package.

Because we believe that work and service are a major part of every child's education, we've included suggestions for activities to foster this. A Bible memory verse and a biblical event or person along with traits of the featured animal emphasize the theme each week. Also incorporated in the lessons are important character traits that children need to be developing. For instance, they'll learn to use their "radar" like the bat to be sensitive to the needs of those around them. The poster for each unit is to be colored and placed conspicuously to remind your pupil of the character theme for the week.

Classic literature, an important part of a child's academics, is introduced in A Bee Sees with Aesop's animal fables which are included in My Fables Book. Suggested supplementary reading, using your own books and your public library as sources, complement the focus of the units.

The Appendix contains game sheets for language and math activities, patterns for art projects, science diagrams, forms for duplication, and several songs.


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