Hewitt Homeschooling has helped families homeschool their children for over 30 years. While many things call for your attention, these early years should be the time for your children.

Elementary Lightning Literature

Grades 1, 2, and 3 are now available. The first semester of grade 4 is available August 22. The second semester will be ready by the end of 2017. Just as with our junior and senior high Lightning Lit series, these focus on reading good literature and developing writing skills with the addition of grade-appropriate grammar.

Unit Programs (PreK-2)

We recommend using unit programs from Preschool through Grade 2. By using programs that strengthen the bond between parent and child (instead of just doing workbook pages), you’ll build a foundation for a relationship that will last a lifetime. Similar to our company motto “develop a mind for a lifetime of use,” now is the time to form a bond that will make it through those teen years and on into adulthood. Your students may not remember the capitals of all fifty states, but they’ll remember sitting on your lap and the sound of your voice as you read aloud. To learn more, look under Unit Studies.

Grades 3-6

We have begun focusing on providing products such as our Lightning Lit series, or our My First Reports, that will meet some of your needs. Explore our elementary products listed by subject on this tab. Or find general articles of interest on our Homeschool tab. You can also look for material on the curriculum tab by either department (Elementary, Junior, or Senior High) or subject.

After second grade, we recommend using Beautiful Feet (and our Lightning Lit Elementary series as we add to it each year). You can see products which we recommend under Recommendations Gr 3-6.

PASS Achievement Test (Grades 3-8)

Remember to check out our PASS achievement test for Grades 3-8. It was designed specifically for home schoolers and provides national norms and recommendations for study based on questions your student missed.

Helpful Websites
Find Write Source at thewritesource.com
Find Spelling Plus at amazon.com
Find Saxon at christianbook.com/
Find Beautiful Feet History at bfbooks.com
Find Gravitas at gravitaspublications.com
Find Teaching Textbooks at teachingtextbooks.com


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