All of our Math-It products are 25% off. This revolutionary concept for learning math offers the following:

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>The ability to easily unlock the secrets of math
>A fresh and creative approach to the basic skill of computation
>No repetitious and boring multiplication tables
>Opportunity to be far more skillful in numbers than most adults >Systematized old-fashioned math

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Pre-Math-It (1716) This set of dominoes (up to double-nine), game board, with the book Early Adventure into Math helps preschoolers learn basic addition facts. Math-It (1717) continues the approach begun in Pre-Math-It, helping students learn “tricks” mastering addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts, while Advanced Math-It (1719) adds division facts and percentages.

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The Math-It! Manuals CD (1980) contains pdf files of the booklets How Stevie Learned His Math (which shows shortcuts for learning addition, multiplication, and doubling) and Math-it Guide Book which are part of the Math-it! set. The Math-it Guide Book contains teaching tips for math along with math scope and sequence for Kindergarten through Grade 8. For use with all three Math-It programs: PreMath-It, Math-It, and Advanced Math-It.

Scott Foresman-Additon Wesley
This beautifully illustrated series not only guides your students to math mastery, but also incorporates practical uses for math and critical thinking.

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Each chapter includes testtaking strategies, math stories to read, discovering math in the student’s world, and using technology to figure math problems. Hewitt’s Answer Keys for Grades 1, 2, and 3 provide answers for each problem plus daily teaching schedules.
#3288 SF-AW Mathematics Gr-K
#3289 SF-AW Mathematics Gr-1
#3315 Gr-1 Answer Key/T. Guide
#3290 SF-AW Mathematics Gr-2
#3344 Gr-2 Answer Key
#3339 SF-AW Mathematics Gr-3 Answer Key

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