Tell Me A Story: Grade 1

Build a Strong Foundation with Bible Stories
Nothing is more important to your child’s development than forming strong, loving, caring and secure bonds with both parents. Our unit programs have been designed to foster this. The Tell Me A Story curriculums explores subject areas, such as music, science/health, drawn from Bible stories. It is nondenominational and emphasizes hands-on activities rather than workbook skills and focuses on interaction between parent and child. This learning creates a firm foundation on which children can build reading and math skills at their own speed.

What Is Included
Basic scope and sequence requirements for Grade 1 are covered in 38 weeks of lessons in the Teacher’s Manual. Daily lesson plans are designed for approximately a two-hour session per day, but this can be broken up into smaller sessions. The daily schedules include scheduling and answers for Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Mathematics 1 (3289). Extra-challenge activities are included for the advanced student. The Here I Grow Reader (1991) contains beginning and advanced levels with two 1-page stories for each unit. Coloring the pictures in the Tell Me A Story Coloring Book (1277) not only helps your child visualize these major Bible stories, it can also help in the child’s developing other skills, such as motor skills.

What Else Will I Need?
This program provides a full year of Grade-1 curriculum and may be used as a stand-alone Grade-1 program. You will need some kind of math manipuatives such as Unifix Cubes and counters (though something like buttons or beans can be used). The Tell Me A Story Gr-1 No-Math Pack (8057) is for those using a different math program. It includes everything in the regular pack except SF-AW Mathematics 1.

Multi-Level Teaching
If you have both a kindergartener and a Grade-1 student, it would be convenient to teach them together using Tell Me A Story K Pack (8055) and Tell Me A Story Gr-1 Pack (8056).

Tell Me A Story Kindergarten Materials
See each item below for further description and sample pages.

Tell Me A Story Teacher Manual: 2nd Ed.
Here I Grow Reader
SF-AW Mathematics Grade 1
Tell Me A Story Coloring Book

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