While I can imagine no wrong physical position for reading a classic, I can conjure up several wrong mental positions. For example, a student who does nothing but leap hurdle after hurdle of comprehension questions will quickly tire of reading. One who is given no context of the author or period will be reading through a glass darkly. If the student receives only one angle or “lens” for viewing the work (e.g., political or socio-economic), they will not be able to see the book for the lens. The student who only applies a book personally misses its universality, but one who does not apply it personally at all misses its power. If a written response only parrots another or just rehashes the plot, the student will never learn to dig deeper or express their own views. Perhaps worst of all is reading a classic with a closed mind, because what cannot enter the mind cannot enter the heart or soul.

Lightning Lit & Comp provides a balanced approach to the classics. Introductions to the authors, their times, and their works give students a strong start to their adventure. Comprehension questions keep students on track while the lessons are a guide to the beauty of the literary landscape. These lessons also discuss such things as theme, argument, and language—the universal aspects of literature—while discussion questions encourage students to bring the readings into their own lives. Extensive choices of writing exercises allow students to respond to the readings and the lessons in a variety of ways. Let Lightning Literature help open your child’s mind and heart to some of history’s most beautiful and powerful writing.

—Elizabeth Kamath, Lightning Lit Author


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