Build Love into Your Lesson Plans

In all your preparation for school, don’t let the urgent things crowd out the most important things. Curriculum needs, physical preparation, and lesson plans all shout for your time and effort, but it’s your child’s heart that may truly need the most attention.

Five Points for Building Love

  1. Make sure your child knows that you are glad she is with you.
  2. Foster a sense of belonging — this is his home too. Include each child in chores and your outreaches to others.
  3. Express your love through eye contact, physical touch, and saying it plainly and often.
  4. Whenever there is a disruption of relationship (e.g. an argument), make sure that joy is restored quickly for all.*
  5. Surprise them with joy. Take the time to interrupt your plans to bring joy to your child’s heart. Even if it is as simple as making popcorn and taking the lid off for a wild scramble to grab the pieces, or a surprise picnic or trip to the zoo.

You are a custodian of your child’s heart, soul, mind and body. Make sure you don’t neglect one part while trying to fill another.
—April Purtell
President, Hewitt Homeschooling

*If you’ve experienced major trauma in your own life and need help reaching maturity yourself, look at Dr. James Wilder’s material on returning to joy at

A quick look at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Jerry W. Dillon, chairman of the board, Hewitt Homeschooling.

As you work on loving, remember these:

What Love Doesn’t Do

  1. Give in to jealousy (isn’t displeased at the success of others; doesn’t ask Why not me?).
  2. Brag (love is incapable of being proud; it gives itself rather than asserts itself).
  3. Become arrogant (not puffed up with its own importance).
  4. Behave unbecomingly.
  5. Become preoccupied with its rights.
  6. Provoke easily (not touchy or offended easily).
  7. Keep a record of wrongs (try keeping a record of rights).
  8. Look for the bad (doesn’t delight in failures).

What Love Does

  1. Delights when right wins.
  2. Seeks to shield and protect its object, rather than expose or abandon.
  3. Is eager to believe the best—gives the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Refuses to take failure as final—the end isn’t here yet.
  5. Is not easily overwhelmed.
  6. Allows ample room for failure in others without becoming exasperated.
  7. Acts in kindness, and never gives up.


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