Hewitt offers a Balanced, Flexible and Complete
Approach to Homeschooling . . .

By Balancing Character, Academics, Work, and Service.
Academics are important, but they are only one important aspect of your children’s education. Strong moral character, self-discipline, and good manners will produce a person others enjoy being with. A strong work ethic can turn a child into a motivated entrepreneur or desirable employee. In these areas, help your children learn how to balance life’s responsibilities now.

By Encouraging Home School, Not School at Home.
Real learning often requires hands-on involvement. Do your students read, discuss, and act upon what they've learned, or read and study only to take a test? Are they exposed to great literature or dull textbooks? Is science accompanied by nature walks and hands-on activities? Use multi grade level products such as Beautiful Feet history to teach most of your children together, working on specific grade levels in only math and language. Many parents switch to Hewitt because they have been burned out by an overly structured academic curriculum. There should be structure, but it should not stifle the desire to learn. If you and your children are not enjoying your homeschooling, some changes are in order.

By Personalizing Your Home Education.
Just because your child is eight, it doesn't mean he or she will fit into a third-grade box. While we list recommendations for the third grade, you need to keep several things in mind. First of all consider your student’s skills, not chronological age. Children should have their abilities challenged, but it is also important that they be able to succeed. Also think about your child’s strongest learning modality (auditory, visual, or kinesthetic.) While all avenues should be used to create a balanced learner, some products will work better than others for your student. Focus some of your study around your student’s unique interests. And lastly, think about your own abilities. A packaged 'grade-three' curriculum won't take any of these into consideration.

By Offering Services and Products that Develop a Mind
for a Lifetime of Use.

Just as you don't want your students to settle for mediocrity, we don't settle for mediocrity in our products or services. We believe students achieve excellence through a combination of enthusiasm, hard work, and superior resources. Create enthusiastic students by praising and encouraging them to do their best even at a young age. Develop thorough workers by requiring them to rewrite and redo when necessary. Don't look for perfection, but don't let them slide by, either. Finally, look to our products and services to help you along this path. A lifelong whole-hearted learner will be your result.


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