How much does it cost to enroll?

The cost is $700 per year or $60 per month (for 12 months) for a full year.

What do I receive for my enrollment?

You receive:

  • Our Junior High Handbook
  • Two PASS tests (beginning and end of year)
  • English papers individually evaluated and returned within two weeks if submitted electronically
  • Four evaluations with written comments and letter grades on your student’s work
  • Email and phone counseling with your evaluator as needed
  • A transcript
  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of the year (if all necessary work is completed)

Can we do classes on-line?

You can submit papers via email or through a shared file system like Dropbox. English papers can be submitted as completed for quicker feedback, or you can submit all of them at the end of each quarter.

Do you have a half-year program?

Yes. This costs $350 dollars and includes only two evaluations rather than four, and one PASS test rather than two.

Can we enroll for a single course?

Yes. Any single course costs $275. This includes the Junior High Handbook, four evaluations, and any needed email and phone counseling.

Do I get a discount for multiple children?

Because we provide each child with the same individualized attention, we do not offer discounts for siblings.

Do I have to use the curriculum you recommend?

No. We believe parents know their children best. While we strive to create and recommend high-quality curriculum, we know nothing is for everyone. Discuss your alternative choices with one of our counselors. We can adjust our requirements to fit with your preferred curriculum.

Once we’re enrolled, can I contact a counselor with questions and problems throughout the year?

Yes. Our counselors are happy to help you with any questions, and if necessary can help you make adjustments to have a successful, happy school year.

Once we’re enrolled, can my student contact their evaluator with questions and problems throughout the year?

Yes. We encourage students to develop a relationship with their counselor, and they should feel free to contact them when they have questions.

What sorts of questions can we contact you with?

We can help you with questions about what work should be completed and submitted, about the curriculum we produce (including Lightning Literature and all syllabi), or about the evaluations you receive from us. You can also get in touch with us if you have struggles organizing your home-schooling year or keeping on top of things. And certainly touch base with your evaluator if you want to do something different than our requirements.

Can I request a male/female evaluator?

Yes. If you believe your student would respond better to a man or woman, feel free to indicate that when you enroll.

Are siblings all placed with the same evaluator?

That is our default, but if for any reason youj wish different evaluators for different students, that can usually be arranged.

Can my junior high school student take some senior high school classes, even though they’re enrolled in junior high for most of their work?

Yes. These are called “credits in escrow.” To count for high school credit, the course must be an English or History class using one of the products we support, Algebra 1 (or higher), or Biology (or higher). (While a student enrolled full-time in high school who needs to take algebra ½ or physical science does get high school credit for it, we do not allow junior-high students to get high school credit for these classes.)

Should students handwrite or type their papers?

We prefer typed papers, but either is fine.

Can my student take electives like art, music, etc.?

Yes, we offer ungraded credit for a variety of electives.

Are you accredited?

We have chosen not to become accredited by the government or by an independent accrediting agency, because we do not want an accrediting body to dictate the courses, textbooks, and teachers that we must employ. Many colleges and universities are accepting students without an accredited diploma.


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