If any of these are true . . .

  • you are comfortable grading daily work, grammar, and math just fine, but find it difficult to grade compositions . . .
  • you think your child would respond better to an external evaluator. . .
  • you want to make sure that your child is prepared for high school level work . . .

. . . Try Hewitt’s Junior High Program

Hewitt’s Junior High Program is the half–way step from a freer elementary approach to our more structured senior high program. While students are still strengthening language and math skills, they should also be learning to take more responsibility for their work.

Our Junior High Handbook guides you through curriculum choices, helps you schedule your school year, outlines what to submit for evaluation, and provides reporting forms and teaching tips.

PASS Achievement Tests taken near the beginning of your school year identify goals and provide teaching suggestions for weak areas, and those taken at the end of the year show academic progress.

Email and phone support provide the opportunity to ask a Hewitt counselor questions about curriculum, evaluations, or other teaching concerns.

Four times during your school year, you will send us samples of your student’s work. Based on these samples one of our counselors will prepare written evaluations, including teaching suggestions and letter grades or credit for each subject. You score things where you have an answer key; our teachers score everything else, such as English papers, history reports, and lab write ups.If you wish, you may submit English papers electronically for quicker feedback.

Upon the completion of the program a transcript will be issued. If your student demonstrates a mastery of that grade’s skills on the PASS Test or a similar test, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.


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