Winston Grammar
Basic Level Set

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Grade Level: 4-8
Author: Paul Erwin
Publisher: Precious Memories
Publish Date: c1992, reprinted 2010
Item ID: 1615 L2A  ISBN: 978-1-889673-00-4
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Using these materials in a multisensory approach, students can understand the structure of language and comprehend the principles of traditional grammar. They are suitable for students ranging from the elementary grades through adulthood, including students with learning disorders.

The Basic Level was revised in 1992 and is not compatible with the older 1982 student workbooks. It covers the parts of speech, noun functions, prepositional phrases, and principles of modification. Students see and hear a sentence, examine clue cards, and consider oral prompts in order to create a horizontal pattern of color-coded clue cards that identify each part of speech in the sentence. Next, students transfer their knowledge of the parts of speech to a worksheet as they use symbols and abbreviations to label every part of speech in the same sentence that they have just analyzed with the cards. The lessons begin at third-grade level with each lesson building upon previously-learned materials. Most lessons introduce a new concept stated at the top of the page in the Student Workbook. By the end of the book students are working on an eighth-grade level.

The Set is packaged in a vinyl envelope carrying case and includes the Student Workbook, Teacher's Manual (paperback, teaching instructions, answer key, 160 pages, 8 3/8 by 11 inches), and Basic Card Set.

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