Tell Me A Story: Grade-1 Curriculum
Teacher's Manual: Second Edition

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Grade Level: 1
Author: Donna R. Fisher
Publisher: Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Publish Date: 2007 2nd Edition
Binding: 3-Ring Binder
Dimensions: 8 1/2 by 11 inches
Number of Pages: 438
Item ID: 1736 Q4A  ISBN: 978-1-57896-178-8
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Originally entitled Here I Grow, this is a Grade-1 unit study based on the same Bible stories used in Tell Me A Story Kindergarten Curriculum (orginally Training Wheels) and was designed as a companion to it. This makes it convenient when teaching two students, but each program is a complete curriculum and can be used independently. This curriculum may be used for any student who has covered the basic kindergarten scope and sequence. Like the kindergarten curriculum, it relies heavily on parent-pupil interaction, and items and experiences which make up everyday life for a young child. You need not purchase Tell Me A Story Kindergarten Curriclum to use this program for first grade.

Math is taught using the new Scott Foresman Addison-Wesley Mathematics 1, a consumable math book with colorful, fun pages to work, which is part of the regular Tell Me a Story Grade-1 Package. Answers are fround in this teacher's manual. If you prefer another math curriculum, you'll want to order Tell Me a Story No-Math Pack. Suggestions for using Unifix Cubes and household manipulatives, with extra-challenge activities for the more advanced student, are also given. Language presentations employ many varieties of activity in addition to pencil and paper work, so the child's developing motor-skills aren't overtaxed. Bible/Character, Social Studies, Science/Health, Music/Art, and Physical Education also are covered.

The introduction provides a scope and sequence and teaching strategies. Basic learning modalities are addressed to help you decide the best approach to use for your child. Each unit of study (one week) begins with an overview of the unit, a list of key concepts, and a list of needed materials. Lessons are divided into five daily presentations. The appendix contains reproducible forms for penmanship practice, games for learning language and math concepts, diagrams for science and health, patterns for activities and crafts, and the songs referenced in the kindergarten level of Tell Me A Story.

For a description of each item used with this program including the reader Here I Grow, see Related Items below.


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