Across America Grades-3&4 Supplement
Teacher's Manual

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Grade Level: 3-4
Author: Donna Rae Fisher
Publisher: Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Publish Date: 1996
Binding: 3-Ring Binder
Dimensions: 11 by 11 1/2 inches
Number of Pages: 102
Item ID: 2322 P3F  ISBN: 978-0-913717-98-1
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This supplement was designed so you can teach a third- or fourth-grade student as you use the Across America: Grade 2 for your second grader. You use the Grade-2 Teacher's manual (see Related Items below) for the basic program. The supplement adds appropriate activities for a third or fourth grader for science, history (including map transparencies and time line which are in the packet), music/art, and Bible/character. You will need to add language and math programs (such as Write Source and Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Mathematics 3 or 4 [or Saxon Math 54 for the advanced student]) appropriate to the student's grade level.

Included are three transparencies which are for laying over an outline of the United States: (1) state outlines (starred for capital location), (2) lakes/river/mountains, and (3) exploration/pioneer trails. The time line to be completed is divided into 25-year segments, with space to add significant names/events in these categories: political, science, industry, agriculture, arts/religion, and other. This supplement is formatted in the same way as the other Across America curriculums.

This teacher's manual is available separately or as part of pack (see Related Items below). You will need the Grade-2 Teacher's Manual if you are wanting to teach this as a stand-alone course to only a third- or fourth-grade student.

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