Church History Syllabus & Tests, Honors
Second Edition

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Grade Level: 11-12
Author: Thomas A. Fudge, April Purtell
Publisher: Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Publish Date: 2009, 2nd Edition
Binding: Stapled
Dimensions: 8 1/2 by 11 inches
Number of Pages: 130
Item ID: 2533 Z5L  ISBN: 978-1-57896-191-7
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This Hewitt's syllabus is for students enrolled in our Honors Church History course who would like to delve into the history of the Christian Church, from its conception in the book of Acts to the present. It uses texts Church History in Plain Language and Introduction to the History of Christianity and the video series Upon This Rock by Dr. Thomas Fudge. One text provides an overview written in an easy narrative format. The other is more thorough with many primary-source excerpts. The lecture series by Dr. Fudge provides hundreds of visuals shown throughout the 38 lectures. Each week, students will read approximately 35 pages in the texts, watch assigned lectures from the lecture series, take a quiz after watching it, and complete one project. They also do one page of writing each week. One to two additional projects and a time line are also required to receive an A or B grade.

The syllabus shows students the objectives of the course, how to organize their study, the quarterly assignments, what to submit to Hewitt for grading, and grading criteria. It includes a weekly schedule, activities related to what is studied weekly, a list of project recommndations, tests, and answers to the tests. Although this syllabus is primarily designed for students enrolled in Hewitt's high school program, it will serve well as a guide for any student taking a church history course.

The Upon This Rock lecture series is not currently being printed, but is available on YouTube at no charge: Search on Upon This Rock Dr. Thomas Fudge. Once there, choosing Hewitt Homeschooling Resources will bring up the lessons in order.

A parent wrote us, "Our family would like to express our gratitude for Hewitt’s excellent Honor’s Church History curriculum. It had a mighty impact on our oldest son’s life. He took this class in high school. The course content was fascinating, and the learning exercises were relevant and fun. (He always loved history, and went on to earn his BA in History from SPU.) For him, the history of the church held a fascination and relevance unlike any other history one can study. The more he studied, the more he was intrigued; in fact, he just graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Church History this last spring. Now his goal is to earn his doctorate, and then teach the subject he loves the most. Thank you so much for writing this curriculum, for offering feedback and instruction from your encouraging teacher/advisors, and for making it easily available . . . and at a fair price! Who knows if the spark that lit the fire for his life’s work was not in fact your curriculum? Our hope is that other students will take advantage of the amazing Church History course still offered at Hewitt Homeschooling."—Kristen


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