Mapping the World by Heart

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Grade Level: 5-12
Author: David J. Smith
Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: FableVision Learning
Publish Date: 2010, 9th edition
Binding: 3-Ring Binder
Number of Pages: 134
Item ID: 2710 O4E  ISBN: 978-9781891405653
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An innovative approach to learning geography. We're excited about this geography program. Rather than a dull text that quickly becomes outdated, this is a system for teaching geography that is hands on, multi-grade, and has visible results. Students complete a series of maps and explore countries of their choice in more depth. This approach is very flexible so you can choose to study only sections of the world or tackle it all at once. Great for both self-directed students working alone and students working in groups. Though written for the classroom, it is very easily adapted to home use.

The student will need a current atlas. A current almanac and other resources (library, Internet, etc.) are also useful. By the end of the study, students should be able to identify bodies of land and water, countries, and physical features throughout the world. They can deal comfortably with any map and decode its information, use an atlas and a globe, produce a world map from memory, and be aware of the issues (cultural, global, and personal) that are affected by geography. An extensive resources list is a part of the notebook, including a list of embassies/telephone numbers in Washington, D.C. A reproducible set of maps and grids and answer keys for the two world tests are included. Also available for viewing is a video of the author telling how to use the course at


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