Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Grade Level: 9-12
Author: Mark Twain
Publisher: Signet Classics
Publish Date: 2008
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 4 1/8 by 6 3/4 inches
Number of Pages: 336
Item ID: 3079 A3B  ISBN: 978-0-451-53094-3
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He has no mother, his father is a brutal drunkard, and he sleeps in a hogshead. He's Huck Finn, a homeless waif, a liar and a thief on occasion, and a casual rebel against respectability. But on the day that he encounters another fugitive from trouble, a runaway slave named Jim, he also finds for the first time in his life love, acceptance, and a sense of responsibility. And it is in the exciting and moving story of these two outcasts fleeing down the Mississippi on a raft that the boy nobody wants becomes a courageous human being with a sense of his own destiny. Rich in color, humor, and the adventurous frontier experience of the Mississippi, this great novel vividly recreates the world, the people, and the language that Mark Twain knew and loved from his own years on the riverboats.

The 2008 edition has an introduction by Padgett Powell, a new afterword by Jayne Anne Phillips, a short biography of Mark Twain, and bibliography. This is part of Hewitt's Lightning Literature & Composition curriculum. See Related Items below.

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