Julius Caesar

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Grade Level: 9-12
Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publish Date: 2000, Pelican Shakespeare
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 5 by 7 3/4 inches
Number of Pages: 160
Item ID: 3089 C1C  ISBN: 978-0-14-071468-5
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This edition of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, edited by William Montgomery, was redesigned in an easy-to-read format that preserves the favorite features of the original. It includes essays on the theatrical world of Shakespeare and texts of Shakespeare, an introduction to the play itself by Douglas Trevor, and a note on the texts used for this edition of it.

This is part of Hewitt's Lightning Literature & Composition curriculum (See Related Items below). From our Guide by Elizabeth Kamath:
The story of Julius Caesar is a historical one . . . [however] Shakespeare was writing drama and poetry, not history, so he altered the facts somewhat. Events are placed closer together than they actually occurred, the personalities of the characters are altered for better dramatic effect, and characters speak lines that the historical people never uttered. But many of the most familiar scenes in Julius Caesar came from Plutarch . . . (Remember that Plutarch was writing over one hundred years after the event, so the accuracy of his story is questionable; what’s important for this class is not Caesar’s true history, but how Shakespeare treated his source material.)

Julius Caesar is probably the Shakespeare play most commonly read during high school. It is one of Shakespeare’s shortest plays, and at least on a surface level it is easily understood. Although it lacks the emotional depth of Shakespeare’s later tragedies, it is finely constructed, and benefits from the drama and pathos that arise naturally from the historical events.

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