English 9-12 Syllabus, Basic
Second Edition

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Grade Level: 9-12
Author: Elizabeth Kamath
Publisher: Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Publish Date: 2003; 2nd edition 2009
Binding: Packaged in Envelope
Dimensions: 8 1/2 by 10 inches
Number of Pages: 42
Item ID: 3102 Z3A  ISBN: 978-1-57896-205-1
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This syllabus was written for students enrolled in Hewitt's high school program, but could be helpful to parents working independently. The program is for students who have difficulty with reading or writing or who still need extensive work mastering grammar and mechanics. It requires
  • any one (1) Lightning Literature & Composition program (including required literature)
  • Writers INC
  • Writers INC: Skillsbook 9 (both the Student’s Skillsbook and Teacher’s Edition)
  • Any high-school grammar book of your choice, e.g.,Vocabulary for Enjoyment: Book Three (or) Vocabulary from Classical Roots: Book C (or) follow the directions for the vocabulary notebook in the Syllabus
The syllabus includes all four years, freshman through senior. The last three years add a year-long research paper to the requirements of the Lightning Literature courses. Though these papers are shorter than those for standard English (see Related Items below), the required length for this paper does increase each year.

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