The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Grade Level: 5-12
Author: Mark Twain
Illustrator: Neil Reed
Publisher: Penguin Puffin Classic
Publish Date: 2015
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 5 by 7 inches
Number of Pages: 352
Item ID: 3114 C4D  ISBN: 978-0-141-32110-3
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Join Tom and Huck and Becky, as well as the evil Injun Joe, on the banks of the Mississippi River in the post-civil war era in this colorful tale of two friends. Twain writes,
Tom’s days were days of splendour and exultation to him, but his nights were seasons of horror. Injun Joe infested all his dreams, and always with doom in his eye. Hardly any temptation could persuade the boy to stir abroad after nightfall. Poor Huck was in the same state of wretchedness and terror, for Tom had told the whole story to the lawyer the night before the great day of the trial, and Huck was sore afraid that his share in the business might leak out yet, notwithstanding Injun Joe’s flight had saved him the suffering of testifying in court. The poor fellow had got the attorney to promise secrecy, but what of that?
Originally published in 1883, the Penguin Puffin Classic edition is complete and unabridged with an introduction by Richard Peck and "Things to Think About," "Things to Do," and a glossary at the end. It is part of Hewitt’s Grade-7 Lightning Literature program (See Related Items below). From our Guide by Elizabeth Kamath:
While you read, try to identify some of the different stories and the different parts of their plot lines. Something you may find interesting: One chapter from this book is one of the most famous chapters in all of literature. Can you guess which one?

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