Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley
Mathematics K

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Grade Level: 1
Author: Charles, Crown, and Fennell
Publisher: Pearson Education Inc.
Publish Date: 2005
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 9 by 12 inches
Number of Pages: 318
Item ID: 3288 E3A  ISBN: 978-0-328-03015-6
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Hewitt uses this beautifully illustrated, four-color series in our Tell Me A Story unit progarm (see Related Items below). Each chapter includes a math story, a problem-solving strategy, a problem-solving application which draws from Dorling Kindersley publications, a practice game, and a test. "Home Connections" concisely states what is being taught and "Home Activities" suggests ways to work the concept into daily living. The twelve chapters are:
  • Chapter One: Position and Sorting
  • Chapter Two: Graphing and Patterns
  • Chapter Three: Numbers through 5
  • Chapter Four: Numbers through 10
  • Chapter Five: Numbers through 31
  • Chapter 6: Measurement
  • Chapter 7: Time and money
  • Chapter 8: Geometry and Fractions
  • Chapter 9: Readiness for Addition and Subtraction
  • Chapter 10: Understanding Addition
  • Chapter 11: Understanding Subtraction
  • Chapter 12: Counting and Number Patterns to 100
Hewitt has made a daily schedule and other teaching tips to help you use this kid-friendly program.
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