Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley
Mathematics 2

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Grade Level: 2
Author: Charles, Crown, and Fennell
Publisher: Pearson Education Inc.
Publish Date: 2005
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 9 by 12 inches
Number of Pages: 516
Item ID: 3290 E3C  ISBN: 978-0-328-11706-2
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This beautifully illustrated, four-color series will not only guide your students to math mastery, but also will incorporate practical uses for math, manipulatives, and critical thinking. Each chapter includes a math story, problem-solving strategy, problem-solving application which draws from Dorling Kindersley publications, practice game, test prep, and chapter and cumulative tests. “Home Connections” concisely states what is being taught and “Home Activities” suggests ways to work the concept into daily living. The topics for the twelve chapters are:
  • Chapter One: Understanding addition and subtraction
  • Chapter Two: Fact strategies for addition and subtraction
  • Chapter Three: Place value to 100 and money
  • Chapter Four: Mental math—addition and subtraction
  • Chapter Five: Two-digit addition
  • Chapter 6: Two-digit subtraction
  • Chapter 7: Geometry and fractions
  • Chapter 8: Time, data, and graphs
  • Chapter 9: Measurement and probability
  • Chapter 10: Numbers to 1,000
  • Chapter 11: Addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers
  • Chapter 12: Understanding multiplication and division
Hewitt has written an answer key which includes a daily schedule to help you use this kid-friendly program.

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