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Grade Level: 9-Adult
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Publisher: Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Publish Date: 2010
Binding: soft cover
Item ID: 3422 B2F  ISBN: 978-1-57896-229-7
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Full of enthusiasm and ideals, Margaret Sparhawk goes as a missionary to the Quichua people of Ecuador. But from the beginning, nothing is as she pictured it. Not the Ecuadorians, not the work, not her fellow missionaries. Not even God.

In clean, evocative prose, Elisabeth Elliot opens a window onto Ecuador, the high Andes, and the missionary vocation. Through the specifics of Margaret’s experience, Elliot shows something of what it means—for each of us—to take up a cross and follow Jesus.

In the introduction to her biography of Amy Carmichael, Elliot wrote: “She showed me the shape of godliness. For a time, I suppose, I thought she must have been perfect . . . . As I grew up I knew she could not have been perfect, and that was better, for it meant that I might possibly walk in her footprints.” There are many who can say the same of Elliot herself. In her writing we see, as she saw in Carmichael’s, “that the chance to die, to be crucified with Christ, [is] not a morbid thing, but the very gateway to Life.” —Lucy S. R. Austen

This is one of the books read for Hewitt's Lightning Literature and Composition: American Christian Authors. (See Related Items below).


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