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Grade 3 Pack w Book of Poetry
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Students read chapter books for Grade 3. Included are classics such as Charlotte’s Web, Newbery Award winners like The Wheel on the School, and new friends like The Rickshaw Girl. The Teacher’s Guide contains comprehension questions on the reading (and answers), instructions for the weekly composition, answers to the Student Guide, and suggestions for extra related activities. The consumable four-color Student Guide includes instruction on grammar (including sentence diagramming) and workbook pages, a reading journal, dictionary pages, and sentence puzzles. Many compositions this year span two or more weeks, giving students more time to create greater depth in their writing.

Save 10% by purchasing the pack. The pack contains the Student Workbook, the Teacher Guide, Random House Book of Poetry for Children, and all but one of the books used for the year. That book, The Wheel on the School, is currently out of print and is not included in the pack; but it is easy to find a used copy. See each item for descriptions.


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