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Lightning Literature

Lightning Literature is my absolute favorite. This is one curriculum that I have decided to stick with. What really drew me to this program was the way they teach the students to write. It is done in steps. It’s not just thrown at them to do. It’s introduced in a way that makes sense. This has worked great with my daughter. I have seen her blossom in her writing. We also love the different books that we use for literature. I will be purchasing this again for next year. You can find my review here.

— Stacie, Super Mommy to the Rescue Blog

We at Hewitt saw a need for language arts curricula that does three things:

  1. Uses whole books and other classic literature (short stories, poems, etc.)
  2. Teaches deep reading and writing skills
  3. Maintains or even increases a child’s love of reading
Lightning Literature and Composition fulfills these needs. Our authors are parents and homeschoolers, and in some cases teachers who have worked with homeschoolers for years. These guides have been successfully used by thousands of individual homeschoolers as well as in public and private classrooms

Elementary School

In the early years, we provide plenty of variety while including only high-quality literature. Authors such as Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Simms Taback, Ezra Jack Keats, Allen Say, Tomie DePaolo, Roald Dahl, E. B. White, Kate DiCamillo, Christina Rossetti, and Langston Hughes let students explore realistic and fantastic fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Grades 1 - 3 also provide flexibility. There is a lot to do each week, but many activities are optional. Skip these to gently introduce a struggling student to the material or include as many as you want for an eager child. For all years, the Teacher Guide provides comprehension questions (and answers) for the reading, instructions for weekly compositions, and suggestions for further activities. The four-color Student Workbook is consumable and covers grammar and mechanics (including an introduction to diagramming sentences) and some literary topics. Answers to the Student Workbook are in the Teacher Guide.

Junior High School

As students approach high school, they are becoming more interested in the world around them, including the world beyond their immediate experience, but they still enjoy a rollicking good story. Grades 7 and 8 provide a nice mixture of fun fiction with enlightening and engaging nonfiction and of course poetry is not neglected. Students will get to enjoy such authors as Mark Twain, Helen Keller, James Herriot, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Charles Dickens, and Harper Lee. The Student Guide includes biographies of the authors, vocabulary, comprehension questions, lessons on the readings, additional lessons on composition, and writing exercises. The Student Workbook is consumable. The Teacher Guide includes a teaching schedule, answers to comprehension questions, answers to the workbook pages, extra teaching help for the lessons, help in choosing appropriate writing exercises, and discussion questions.

Senior High School

As students mature, they are able to bring more depth to their reading and writing. These guides allow for that greater focus. Each course is intended to be one semester (though each can be expanded to a year), and is focused on a particular time and place, subject, or author. Additional reading recommendations are given for students who excel in language arts and wish honors-level work. All students will be exposed to exciting new authors (such as Frederick Douglass, Stephen Crane, Jane Austen, George Elliot, Geoffrey Chaucer, G. K. Chesterton, Frederick Buechner, Chinua Achebe, R. K. Narayan) and revisit old favorites (Dickens, Shakespeare, Twain) with new eyes. Each guide includes biographies of the authors; comprehension questions; lessons on the readings; writing exercises; any short stories, essays, or poems used for lessons; additonal reading suggestions; and discussion questions.


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