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We have over 100 products designed specifically for the home-schooling parent. We are a non-profit foundation that develops curriculum at reasonable prices. Our curriculum is meant to save parents time by providing clear objectives and lesson plans while also providing enjoyable and meaningful lessons for the student. Click on the subject links to the left to see our complete product line. Below is a selection of some of our best sellers.

Lightning Literature

Used by thousands of home-schooling families Lightning Literature, has earned high praises from parent and student alike. Whether reading picture books in Grade 1, chapter books in Grade 3, Mark Twain in Middle School, or Shakespeare in High School, your student will deepen their understanding of literature and use that understanding to improve their writing skills. These language arts programs will delight your born reader and reform your reluctant one. Check out the appropriate grade levels for your student.

Unit Programs

Also called Unit Studies, these programs choose one topic, and teach everything while learning about that particular subject. In Preschool we used Literature. In Kindergarten we used Bible Stories, in First Grade—Animals, and in Second Grade the History and Geography of the U.S. Your student gets a firm foundation in Language Arts, Bible, Science, and History while enjoying every minute and you get daily lesson plans. You’ll both end up loving these years of developing a strong parent/child bond. It’s easy to supplement them with our Elementary Lightning Lit material. Read about our unit studies on our Elementary Page.

My First Reports

Introduce your children to expressing their knowledge in their own complete sentences. Each packet contains sheets on at least twelve different topics in one subject with questions given for directed investigation.

Besides reporting skills, your children will automatically practice language and penmanship and use their library, encyclopedia, and dictionary skills. Students then create their own report and draw a picture to illustrate it.

Available in a notebook of 14 different topics, or buy them individually (see the list at the bottom of the notebook page), or read about them in our Online Elementary Catalog.

Hewitt Readers

Available for Grades 1, 2, and 3/4. These readers are meant to delight your student, while providing factual information. Written to accompany our unit programs, these books can easily be used on their own as independent readers. Hewitt Early Readers come in two sets of five books each, and contain animal facts with amusing illustrations. These are followed by a small chapter book, A Bee Sees, which has ten stories at a higher level. Across America presents a story for each state at a second grade level, while American Tales tells true stories of American heroes. The accompanying Activity Guide turns the reader into a simple year of American history at the third/fourth grade level. See page 10 of our Online Elementary Catalog.

"Best" Literature

There are five books in this series, the Best Books Introductory series as well as one teacher’s guide. If your student is very advanced you could use Best Nonfiction in Grade 4, and two others for Grade 5, and the remaining two for Grade 6. Otherwise, you can do two in Grade 5, and three in Grade 6, or whatever works best for your child. The Best Non Fiction is the easiest of the five books, all of which contain an excerpt from literature, a literary lesson, comprehension questions, and ideas for compositions.


Three levels: Pre Math-It, Math-It, and Advanced Math-it are used to provide your student a firm foundation, particularly in mental math as well as memorizing facts. Students play against themselves to improve their speed and accuracy.

Winston Grammar

Developed especially for tactile learners, Winston Grammar teaches parts of speech, which is critical for foreign language learning. Cards are used to identify words in sentences, and then workbook pages are completed to further encourage understanding of how words in sentences work together. Start with the basic program which is followed up with the Advanced Level to be added once the student is in high school.

State Chronicles

A notebook designed to aid your elementary student in learning about their own state. Fun and creative! Your student will interview, draw maps, make graphs, explore history, and many other activities. While aimed at a fourth grade level, it can work for grades 3 - 5. The finished product will make your student proud.

The Joy of Discovery

Written by a home-schooling parent, Barbara Wagner, The Joy of Discovery provides the foundation of education, as well as the nuts and bolts of designing your own unit studies — led by the impetus of your student’s interests and involvement. Delight-directed learning at its best. This innovative approach sets you free from the normal limitations of textbook study. At the same time, you are tethered to a scope and sequence so that you don't miss important concepts along the way. Available as a set with Hewitt’s Learning Objectives or separately.

Learning Objectives

Covers the four basic subject areas: language arts, math, science, and history, as well as art, music, and character development for grades K-8. This handy volume will be a great support as you plan your curriculum. The pages are designed to help you track introduction, pupils' understanding, and then mastery of each concept. There is space to record progress for three students on each page, so that a quick glance can show you the students' progress and what each still needs to accomplish. All lists have been compared with recognized standards to ensure that students will not be surprised on standardized achievement tests by unfamiliar items.

Junior & Senior High School Syllabi

While designed for our enrolled students, most of these are extremely helpful to parents who are schooling independently. Our most popular syllabus is our junior high unit which covers Joy Hakim’s History of US. We have syllabi that cover Apologia’s Exploring Creation series, and Saxons Math (beginning with Saxon 54). We also have syllabi for high school US history, world history, government and economics, health, history of art, typing, critical thinking, and various Bible courses.


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