Lightning Literature and Composition

Hewitt's Lightning Lit guides use full-length novels, autobiographies, plays, essays, short stories, and poems to teach deep reading and composition skills. Unlike some literature programs that take a scatter-shot approach (where none of the literature seems connected) or that try to include too much into one book, Lightning Literature guides focus on a few classics in depth, in a systematic manner.

Each high-school guide is a one-semester course for most students. Students who struggle with reading and writing may take up to a year to finish a guide. Additional reading recommendations are given for students who excel in language arts. All students will be exposed to exciting new authors and revisit old favorites with new eyes. Each guide includes biographies of the authors; comprehension questions; lessons on the readings; writing exercises; any short stories, essays, or poems used for lessons; additonal reading suggestions; and discussion questions.

The following high-school courses are available. They can be purchased as packs (which include all the required books) or the guides can be puchased alone. Samples are included on individual product pages.

What our customers say. . .

I used the Lightning Lit American Literature this year and absolutely love it. I have used all types of literature programs and this one is by far the best.—Renita Herbst

[My daughter] in 11th grade has always been homeschooled and we have run the gamut of approaches to literature. . . Lightning Literature has been her (and my) absolute favorite. We hired the head of the English department of our local high school to look over her papers, and he loves the assignments she is doing in Lightning Literature so much that he is actually planning to use some in his own classes. [My daughter] likes it because the questions don't slow down the reading too much, the format is geared toward independent study, the instructions are clear, and the writing assignments are varied. She also likes studying complete works as opposed to using an anthology of excerpts. I also like that it covers literary terms. —Luann Geyman

I looked long and hard at many different literature programs and Lightning Literature came out on top every time. I like that I had the option to choose to do the semester course over a year for our son's freshman English. He simply is not ready to tackle both semesters. No other program offered this option. There were many watered down courses that were "Basic English", however, we didn't want that for our son. We want to challenge him to think and to explore literature. —Lisa Young

Initially Maria was wondering if she could "hack" a college course. . . . We said go for it. The foremost feedback has been how much she appreciates your courses (Lightning Literature) because she feels the assignments are much more concise, well directed and interesting. She also feels that your critiques have been very helpful and more than adequately prepared her for English 101. The school was very surprised she placement tested so well. —Barbara Gomez

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