Our High School Philosophy

Everyone is Unique — Students are different in how they learn, what they enjoy, and in their educational goals. One of the great advantages of home schooling is the tremendous opportunity to fit the educational program to each child.

Flexibility is Key — Although we recommend specific texts, we work with you whenever other texts are desired. We also allow the creation of courses we do not currently offer such as Logic, SAT Preparation, or Zoology.

People Learn Best Through Activity — We emphasize active participation on the student’s part in the learning process. For example, our history courses include many projects to allow students to learn and show what they’ve learned, through reading, writing, researching, drawing, building, acting, and even singing, rather than simply taking tests.

Education is Not All In the Books — Therefore, we offer credit for work and volunteer experience, as well as educational travel. These experiences help develop such traits as discipline, compassion, and integrity. We've had students receive credit for such diverse activities as mission endeavors, running a business, training horses, acting as a museum guide, and traveling.

Critical Thinking is Vital — Students need to learn how to think, to differentiate between fact and opinion, and do research. Our approach emphasizes research, primary sources, and opinion essays.

Independence Should be Fostered — We want to become acquainted with our enrollees. We encourage our students to take charge of their education and to contact us with questions or problems.

Hewitt’s High School Program

We provide structure, guidance, grades, credits, transcripts, and diplomas. Counseling is also available by phone or email. Letter grades are given each quarter, but they are a small part of the evaluations. In addition, your student’s work will receive personal attention, often with specific suggestions for improvement. Our evaluators strive to be supportive, realistic, and educational in their comments.

Our high school is a four-year program. We welcome transfer students and will work with them to accept as many courses as possible. We will also provisionally accept a parent’s transcript of a homeschooled student’s high school credits.

Upon completion of all Hewitt requirements, a diploma is issued. To qualify for our diploma, students must complete a minimum of 21 credits of study and score satisfactorily on an achievement test, college board exam, or GED. If you submit your state’s graduation requirements, we can build a program to match them. Our diplomas and credits have been accepted by public and private high schools, community colleges, and universities.

We have chosen not to become accredited by the government or by an independent accrediting agency, because we do not want an accrediting body to dictate the courses, textbooks, and teachers that we must employ. Many colleges and universities are accepting students without an accredited diploma.

The following services do not include the price of textbooks and other materials.

Enrollment for high school services is $650 per year or $55 per month which includes:

  • High School Handbook
  • Review of student questionnaire and sample work
  • Phone and email counseling
  • Four written evaluations with letter grades
  • One transcript

We also offer a half–year full program for $350.

Enrollment for single course high school services is $250 per subject per year which includes:

  • High School Handbook
  • Phone and email counseling
  • Four (two for half year) written evaluations with letter grades
  • One transcript

We also offer a half–year single course program for $155.

Call us to enroll today: 800-348-1750 or 360-835-8708


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